Google + Update For Mobile Device Users

Google + Update For Mobile Device Users
Google + Update For Mobile Device Users. Good news for those of you who feel personally that mobile and actively using the Google +. Now Google has launched the newest update Google Plus for users on the mobile phone.

Product Manager of Google + Mobile, +Joe Rideout through posting on Google + explains its latest updates relating. Google + realize how important these types of mobile phones for users today. For the reason Google + ensures that users can still use Google + through Google plus applications, web, Google + based SMS.

After the development by the Google + team, especially for basic mobile web browsers that are owned by BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices. Here are some updates:

  • A new look to the Home page provides links to the page stream, circle, profile and notification

  • Design a new look that draws on the stream, the page posts and profiles

  • The display of the notifications that are equipped with a number above the number of unread notifications

  • The display for the menu and Circle's new Prosperity, including the display of People Search

  • An increase in features for commenting on posts

Of course Google Developer attention is reserved for user + mobile phone with the upkeep of this later version of the mobile phone is very useful for the user you want to always Google + want to update the status, or simply sharing information using your mobile phone, whenever and wherever you are.
Google + Update For Mobile Device Users

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