Google + Tips For Easy Entry

Google + Tips For Easy Entry Google + Tips For Easy Entry. Google + social network, gaining daily in importance. The membership numbers rise dramatically. Reason enough to take a closer look at functions and compile the most important operating tips.

Is Google + the Facebook-killer and the new star in the social network sky? Must even Twitter tremble? Via Google +, such as the Techblogger Robert Scoble maintains the short message service a mirror. The expectations for Google's community platform are high – the initial success confirmed the optimists. Still in the extended phase of the test, the number of users soared. And, although initially only by personal invitation access has been granted.

With more than 750 million members are the balance of power that still clearly on the side of Facebook, but the social network of Mountain View is steadily approaching. According to analysts Google + grows now daily by around one million users.

The first attempt to contact Twitter and Facebook on the feet, evaporated 2010 soon after start of advanced Google-mail offers. Thanks to detailed analysis of the competition, it is very likely that Google a more buzz defeat remains spared.

Because Google already much right. How Google + set up your friends, write posts, format or edit after release, check out the Gallery Google +: features, tips, and plug-in.

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