Google + Android App Is Growing Up

Google + Android App Is Growing Up Google + Android App Is Growing Up. Google + in version 1.0.5 is available in the Android market to download. Updating Google out more teething social network on the Smartphone: the app is faster, easier and more precise.

News and Circles
Who submitted contributions, shares this via Android app now like when a short message on request with a single person. You will also find the originator of the content that has shared a person from your circles faster. The notifications in Google + clearly summarize the new affiliates of your circles and more status messages, and spare from the deluge of new individual messages.

Huddle: Together Without Confusion
Google has optimized the mobile group chat huddle with version 1.0.5: you can permanently hide discussions, links in the conversations are now callable and leaving an active Huddles you receive a warning. Start new chat, in the future from a Google + profile or a group of people hangout.

Also for the iPhone
A slimmed-down version of the Google + app is also available for the iPhone. The network itself is still growing all the while blithely and recorded already almost 25 million members despite test phase.

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