Google + App Available for All iOS Devices

Google + App Available for All iOS Devices Google + App Available for All iOS Devices. Much ado about Google +: Google + service sets out to continue a meteoric rise. The apps for iPhone and Android devices are already available for longer, now the application is also for the iPad and iPod touch ready for download.

It lasted only 16 days and Google +, the newly launched social network from Google, cracked the ten million member - even though the service only via invitation can be reached.

A success for the competition to Facebook and Twitter took more than two years. Million users of Android phones had access to the corresponding mobile application even before the start of the service - finally Google here has control of newbies.

Now available for the iPad
So far, the iPhone was the only roller device for which there is a Google +-app was. After updating the circles, Huddles, and streams are present now on the iPad and iPod touch, Google has also expands on the capabilities and performance and stability improved.

New in addition to notifications for it, to be added, in a circle huddle functions: iOS users can now hide a special huddle or silently and reject a huddle invitation (without having the host for this as block so far). The application is optimized for the iPad: Google + looks although acceptable, but clearly pixelated in the 2 x mode. Also, only an English version for download is available.

Features of Google + App
The success of the offer can be explained also by the clear arrangement in stream (stream), fast chat with friends (huddle) and the possibility of sort of acquaintances in so-called circles (circles). The message stream is thus divided into three parts: firstly in the incoming list (incoming) - here, all messages from users in their circle one is represented, without which are listed in an own circle run a. Secondly the news flow of members of the own circles. Thirdly - foursquare greetings - the area nearby, he shows all users in the area. The latter only works if you have enabled the site query of the phone.

Available only in the browser
Hangouts are called functions, which while Google + on the Internet available, which still are not part of the mobile apps, and share (share). Via Hangouts you start video chatting or conferencing. Google installed to do this the first time a free browser plug-in. And even more important as a central option in social networks, is the fast parts of contributions. Also this function is not yet in the apps. The restrictions concerning iOS-and Android mobile phone users alike. A problem only for users of iOS app: Photos you take with your phone camera, not automatically find their way to Google + or Picasa. The Android app dominated because time-saving, this useful, function.

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