Google + Presents Features Hashtag

Google + Presents Features Hashtag
Google + Presents Features Hashtag. Many users of Google + complained when the feature was first owned by Twitter will lead on Google +. Some time ago after many communicated by its users it looks like Google + listen to the complaints of users.

Some time later, Google + provides convenience put hashtag on search in the search engine Google + as the Community Manager for Google + project + Natalie Villalobos at the time was keen to action gathering together #OccupyWallStreet in America.

Google plus users can already look up the keywords #OccupyWallStreet complete with a hashtag search specifications as in the Google Plus search. But it seems like a practical function on Twitter hashtag is still desired the users of the Google plus search for immediacy.

It looks like Google + never stopped hearing what the user wants, October 12, 2011 Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra said on posting that Google finally launched two new features + related to hashtag and Google Plus search result, two of these features are:

  1. Real-time: search results: Now if you're looking for something on Google + you will find the latest posts a message about "most recent" which is the latest post appears in real-time this feature would be very useful when certain events are taking place, such as breaking news or other news stories that are crowded discussed.

  2. Improved support Hashtag: Recognizing that many users of Google + using hashtag as a sign to mark a particular topic, it is now the Hashtag on Google + can be clicked to perform a quick search or gathering together information with certain keywords such as hashtag on Twitter, despite this Google Plus user can still search for specific topics through Google + facilities search engine.

Yonathan Zunger, Chief architect of Google + related to the launch of Google's new feature also states: "the one thing that should be noted that the hashtag on Google + applies in all languages, not just languages that use lower ASCII or katakana (Japanese)."

Although it was released however Vic Gundrota adds that this new feature is still in the adoption of a gradual, and it appears that you have to just be patient because it could be that there is a possibility among you who have marked your post with a hashtag however experience problems in automatic links to search quickly.

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