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URL Shortener for Your Profile URL Shortener for Your Profile. Now, the 40 million users have joined into the Google + with thousands of visitors that give it a try on a daily.
Features of circle on Google + is a feature that most I have been very fond of Google + because it was easily the set where the stream/update post we appear to some people we want.

However there are still shortcomings in Google + compared to other social networking website that is, the absence of features to customize a google user username plus as well as username/url costum profile on facebook and twitter.

Your Google profile URL sightings like this

The standard Google profile Url is hard to remember when you would like to tell your Google plus to others. So, lucky you because not a few third party developers that launched Google profile URL modifiers service plus in order to appear more attractive. They will assist you in Customizing Google + profiles as you want.

Some providers google profile URL shorteners to look attractive and plus easy to remember, among others, as follows:

    URL Shortener for Your Profile is a service that can shorten your Google + url. Not complicated and does not require registration on the website proficiency level. Just add the username you have selected in the "nickname field" and inputed your "Google + ID" in the section you need and then click the "add". Google profile plus your URL will be generated codes Which if accessible will redirect to your Google + profile page. So, easy for you to remember and assist you in deploying Google plus your profile link to your friends.

    URL Shortener for Your Profile, which work identically to the first. You stay put "option username" and "Google + Profile ID" and then you click "claim my username". Differ only in the format of the URL that generated codes. By using, formed URLs become

    URL Shortener for Your Profile
    Glpl. us is Google url shorteners provider plus the third could be your choice. The resulting URL will be generated into the

    URL Shortener for Your Profile
    The fourth alternative to create a Google profile plus your URL to make it look attractive. Direct to the point when you have clicked the "go". URLs are formed into

    URL Shortener for Your Profile
    The fifth option plus Google website URL you profile costum, clean, simple and a bit elaborate. Just click "edit your topic", enter the username of your choice in the box provided, ways ... Google your profile url plus (not Google + ID), and then click the "update my profile". Follow these next steps, so that the url is formed into

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Johon King said...

Sound good and nice information!! have you another site or blog for url shortener ? let me know.