How to Register to Google Plus

How to Register to Google Plus Register to Google Plus. Google Plus is a social networking site that the future will be a rival Facebook, a social networking site develop ​​by google it can destabilize the position of facebook that has reigned for so long to master the social network that is able to subvert Frienster formerly very popular.

Is Facebook going the same route as it had (facebook) to do with myspace and friendster?

Talking about Google plus of course a lot of people in the world want to feel the thrill of social networks develop ​​by google, and one more question will arise in our minds as what I need to register in google plus?

Okay let's see along the way register to Google Plus:

  1. First you must have an Google account specially Gmail account, if you do not have please register at

  2. Then visit

  3. In this step please click the Keep Me Posted and Please input First name and your Gmail already exists.

  4. Please make friends as much as possible, congratulations ya.

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